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Bailes~Do~Monde seeks to educate the community on world cultures through dance
Enriching the Coastal Virginian community

Our Mission

We wish to share our deep passion for dance and an appreciation for world cultures in hopes of seeing the community become more culturally enriched. We encourage richness and inclusion through international dance.

Increasing Exposure to Global Dance

Our goal is to educate and touch on the vastness of world cultures using dance as a medium. We regularly host affordably ticketed events of dance performances by globally recognized groups, lecture series, workshops.

Encouraging Cultural Diversity

By promoting and providing a platform for global dance art and education, we will fortify our ties to one another while encouraging growth and opportunity for the future of our region.

Featured Events

Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event: Free Afrobeats Dance Class with Rita Addico Cohen at Live 360 in MacArthur Center from 3-4:30 on August 25, 2018

Majestad Negra Event – September 2018

Upcoming Event: Majestad Negra from Loiza, Puerto Rico will perform at the Chrysler Museum on September 29, 2018.

Inaugural Event

Inaugural Event: Compañia All Stars from Santiago de Cuba on September 23, 2017

Project Launch Party

On June 22, 2017, we unveiled our ground-breaking project, Bailes~Do~Monde, to the Hampton Roads community.

How to get involved

Partner With Us

Partner with us to host a low cost event for the community.


Are you a group or individual skilled at dance? Contact us to participate in one of our upcoming events.


We greatly appreciate your interest and support! Here you can make an tax deductible donation to support this important venture within our community.

Founder & President

Mila relocated to Norfolk from Washington, DC five years ago. From a young age until graduating high school, she trained and performed with West African dance company Kankouran. Her interest in world cultures further developed when she studied International Relations, taking courses both in the states and abroad earning a Bachelors in International Affairs from Trinity College. She is a local real estate consultant.

Mila Carr

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