Inaugural Event

Compañia All Stars from Santiago de Cuba on September 23, 2017


Bailes~Do~Monde brought the acclaimed Cuban dance troupe, The Dance Company All Stars* from Santiago de Cuba to perform at our inaugural event at the Chrysler Museum on September 23, 2017. The program began with a half-hour introduction to Cuban dance, followed by a scintillating performance by the high-energy All Stars.

The Dance Company All Stars from Santiago de Cuba: Jorge Luna Roque is the founder and director of The Dance Company All Stars from Santiago de Cuba. The company began at the Universidad de Oriente (UO) on January 7, 2004. Then, the group’s main purpose was to create a Rueda de Casino (a round dance that involves partner exchanges) to unite university students throughout the region. Through dedicated and systematic efforts, the All Stars began achieving their artistic goals aimed at revolutionizing the genre of Casino Dance by highlighting the integration of Cuban traditional popular dances with bailes de salon, or ballroom dances. They also added some expressions from peasant dances, Afro-Cuban folklore, and the styles of Rumba and Son. In presenting this broad range of cultural dances, the All Stars gained prestige and recognition not only in the university community but throughout Cuba. In 2013, as a result of the award-winning company’s high technical and artistic, the group received the status of a National Dance Company in Cuba, which is the highest distinction awarded by the National Council of Casas de la Cultura. The All Stars organize cultural exchanges each year with groups from the US, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and other nations in order to teach popular Cuban dances. 

Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event: Majestad Negra from Loiza, Puerto Rico will perform at the Chrysler Museum on September 29, 2018.

Project Launch Party

On June 22, 2017, we unveiled our ground-breaking project, Bailes~Do~Monde, to the Hampton Roads community.

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